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RENCONTRE AVEC Cameron Staunton

Photographe et réalisateur du film « From Afar »

Durant mon surftrip à Bali, j’ai eu le plaisir de partager quelques vagues avec Flora Christin et Samantha Dewhurst. J’ai réalisé une illustration des filles en train de surfer à Bali,et suite à ça, j’ai été contacté par Cameron Staunton, vidéaste et photographe (et petit ami de Samantha) pour réaliser une série d’illustrations animées pour son film « From Afar« . Le film retrace le surftrip de Flora et Sam entre Java et Bali, avec au menu: des paysages tropicaux, du longboard, des surfergirls et beaucoup de fun.

Surfer: Flora Christin (@florachristin) & Samantha Dewhurst (@samiiisun)

Film/Edit/Photography: Cameron Staunton (@cameronstaunton)

Animation: Juliette Bechu (@juliette_illustration)

Location : JavaIndonesia  

Voici une petite interview de Cameron Staunton:

  • Can you tell us about yourself and about your work ?

First of all, thank you so much for expressing extra interest into the project, it was so good to have you on board with it all ! My name is Cameron Staunton, I’m 20 years old and I live in the small surf town Cronulla, Sydney, Australia. My recent piece I just release « From Afar » is based over in Indonesia 90% in Java and a little back in Medewi at the end of the trip !

  • A few words about your film « From Afar » ?

The project came about last year when Sami and I were travelling around Sri Lanka doing much the same as were in this video and we met Flora, we ended up getting along super well and Flora was telling us about this other wave in Java that we had to go to with her, as we sat around the table eating local rotti we came to the conclusion that we had to go over there and make a short film from it ! And it literally went on to happen this way !

  • What inspires you the most everyday ?

I’m super lucky where I live, I am friends with so many talented photographers and videographers so I draw a lot of inspiration from them and little aspects of what they shoot, we are always pushing each other to do better and giving each other feed back wich is sick ! Also the big wide web, there are so many crazy films already released that you can draw inspiration from also !

  • You live from travel, videography and photography, how does it feel to have a passion for a living ?

To be able to say I literally take photos and videos for a living is something pretty special I recon, from growing up and getting my firt camera, to swimming around in the surf with friends to now shooting massive events, weddings and more for work, is pretty cool and I’m super humbled to be able to live this lifestyle !

  • You must have ad a lot of fun while shooting the movie. Some anecdotes to share ?

Haha, I do have a lot of fun whilst making my films, I feel like it really allows me to put my own personal quirky twist on each film which is great ! This one was pretty fun in particular though I must say. As the entire film and trip was all fully funded we really had free reign with it all. Some funny memories though were defiantly riding around the very small local town on scooters dodging cows looking for the most random things to film with (eg the washed up boats in the film), as well as filming the girls dancing to the backing track behind the video ! There were definitely a few takes at that ! Ahahah

  • Another planned project ? With the girls ?

Funny you ask about future projects with these 2, we were only chatting today about planning another trip later this year, not sure if I can say much about it but it’s going to be to a place with lots and lots of right hand point breaks… Because doesn’t everyone love them !?

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